Cancelled: Particle Characterisation Basics -

7 December 2021 09:00-16:00, London, United Kingdom

PCIG has decided to reschedule the event until 12 May 2022. The COVID-19 infections are still high and many companies are restricting travel. We feel that in the interests of safety  the event should be delayed . We continue to monitor the situation and are hopeful that by May the situation will have improved substantially.

Skill up! Particle Characterisation Basics
Set yourself up for success with this thorough introduction to particle characterisation techniques. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of scientists, analysts and technicians increase their understanding of particle characterization.
From proteins to paint, particle properties have a dramatic effect on the properties of world around us. Particle characterisation measurements and analysis methods can provide valuable insights, but you first need to understand the limitations and nuances of the measurement you are making, and the influence small sample changes can make to your data.

Hosted by the Particle Characterisation Interest Group, this training session will explore a range of particle characterisation measurements such as particle size, shape and concentration as well as porosity, surface area and electrical properties. Following the session, participants will understand the measurements you are making, or need to make, to provide the appropriate information on which you can build a reliable product.

This meeting is for users of analytical instruments that need to improve their understanding of particle characterization techniques. Whether you are involved in developing new formulations, researching new materials, or quality of control, understanding particle characterisation can help

Join us at Burlington House, London on December 7, 2021 – we look forward to seeing you there.
The Royal Society of Chemistry

LIBRARY, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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