Exciting developments in photochemistry and electrochemistry for synthesis

18 - 19 October 2021, London, United Kingdom

Photochemistry and electrochemistry are current hot topics for the development of more sustainable and complementary methodologies to traditional synthetic strategies.
This meeting will examine the latest advances in these two fields over two 3.5 hour sessions, spotlighting these two related disciplines in turn, from both an academic and industrial perspective.

Extended networking sessions will also enable sufficient time for further, more informal discussion with invited speakers and delegates.

Bringing together leaders from both academia and industry, this meeting will appeal to anyone with an interest in photochemistry, electrochemistry and/or photoelectrochemistry, seeking to learn about the latest developments in these fields.
SCI (Society of Chemical Industry)

SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), 14-15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS, United Kingdom

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