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Fuelling the future: science, society and the research and innovation system

29 September 2021, London, United Kingdom

  • Global challenges require research and innovation to find solutions
  • Funding agencies such as UKRI have a role to play
  • Research and innovation systems should have free flow of people and ideas to boost productivity
With the myriad of global challenges that have to be addressed, Professor Dame Leyser will share her perspectives on the role of research and innovation funders.

During this lecture Professor Dame Leyser will reassess the role of funding agencies such as UKRI as stewards of an interconnected system and emphasise our collective responsibility to build a knowledge economy in which everyone can participate and from which everyone benefits. She will propose that to make the most of the opportunities ahead, we should build and invest in research and innovation systems through which people and ideas move freely, building the networks needed for creativity and productivity.
SCI (Society of Chemical Industry)

SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), 14-15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS, United Kingdom

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