Battery science and technology: going digital and going green

4 November 2021 14:00-15:30, United Kingdom

Batteries are ubiquitous in our everyday lives and have become a critical enabling technology for modern electronics and clean energy utilization. As technological progress advances, the challenges for next-generation batteries have never been more significant including: better performance, lower cost, use of less limited resources, sound concepts for recycling, and production with a lower environmental footprint. These challenges cannot be tackled solely by conventional material science & engineering but will also need to capitalize on digitalization and circular material design. This panel will discuss the perspectives, challenges, and opportunities for next-generation battery research and the ramifications for battery production.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Speaker presentations
    • Volker Presser  
    • Jennifer Rupp 
    • Matteo Bianchini 
    • Anwar Sattar 
  • Q&A, and discussion
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