A Short Course in Colloid Science

4 - 5 April 2011, Bristol, United Kingdom

This short course will focus on the theories used in colloid science, their application and associated techniques. This lecture course will cover most of the topics that we have covered in previous years in the colloids "Spring School", including the properties of charged surfaces, the stability of charged systems, surfactant aggregation & adsorption, emulsions and microemulsions, polymers in solutions & at interfaces, wetting, aerosols & foams, and rheology. We will also focus on the translation of research from lab bench to industry through workshops and case studies. The course aims to provide a general introduction to the field coupled with more detailed illustration of the most important theoretical and experimental work. The researchers of the Bristol Centre for Colloid and Interface Science are experts in these fields and attendees are encouraged to interact with them during the course.
University of Bristol

Lecture Theatre 4, University of Bristol, Cantocks Close, Bristol, BS8 1TS, United Kingdom

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University of Bristol
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