Digital Image Processing Workshop

3 June 2011, United Kingdom

This one-day RMS workshop meeting covers the underlying principles of digital image processing and enables the advanced user of light microscopy to make the very best use of their imaging data. The types of image vary from those of high spatial resolution obtained using confocal microscopy to lower resolution video and multidimensional data obtained using advanced optical techniques (like FRET, FRAP, multiphoton).

This workshop course consists of two lectures that introduce the basic concepts of digital image processing and image analysis. The main focus of the day is for delegates to participate in a hands-on, computer-based workshop in which digital image analysis will be learnt by example. Workshop materials will be provided in advance of the meeting in the form of a CDROM and worksheets.

The small group, workshop format, will enable people to progress at their own pace and work through the basics of signal processing and data analysis using Excel spreadsheets and progressing to image processing and image analysis using ImageJ. The course will be supported by expert demonstrators.

The workshop aims to advance the understanding and use of digital image processing and image analysis tools and initiate a network of interactions between young UK researchers that will be mediated and supported by the Light Microscopy Section of the RMS.

Room N62 HR Training Room, NIMR, United Kingdom

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Royal Microscopical Society
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