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RSC LSM Christmas Lecture 2021: A Greener and Cleaner Society

1 December 2021 12:00-13:00, United Kingdom

As the world transforms to environmentally sustainable technologies there remain many questions and challenges requiring scientific innovations.  This Christmas, the Manchester & District RSC Local Section is delighted to bring you a series of short talks on green, clean technologies.  This event is free and open to the public, tailored to inspire all minds in the delights of chemistry and STEM subjects. 
When and where?  1st December 2021, 12.00 – 1.00 pm online via Zoom.  Please note that the link to attend will be available to you, once you register, for free using the booking registration. 
Can’t make the event on 1st December?  Please still register and we will distribute a link to the recording of the event so that you can learn with us at your convenience and own pace! 
Who should attend?  This event is tailored for a general public audience: from teenagers to teachers, to interested parents and grandparents, we hope that everyone can enjoy and learn about sustainable technologies in this event. 
Speakers? We will have a few short talks to give you an introduction to several technologies that will help us transform towards a green and sustainable society.  These include:
Dr Andrew Thomas, University of Manchester
Dr Andrew Thomas is a Research Fellow based in the Department of Materials at Manchester University. He uses laser and X-ray spectroscopy to study processes occurring on the surfaces of materials used in biomaterial and energy applications.
Dr Yagya Regmi, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Yagya Regmi is a Research Fellow at the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University.  His work covers generating hydrogen from electrolysis using renewable energy for long term energy storage, and then using the hydrogen to generate power using fuel cells.
In this talk Dr Regmi will discuss opportunities and challenges for hydrogen technologies as they become commercial devices for energy storage, transportation and manufacturing.   
Jessica Pimlott, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jessica is a PhD student in the Department of Natural Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is researching sustainable ways to store renewable energies, particularly with sodium-based batteries.
Her talk will highlight the need for sustainable battery technology to increase renewable energy usage and slow anthropogenic climate change effects.  Sodium-ion batteries will be presented as an environmentally-friendly way to store renewable energy on a large scale.  

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