3rd Advances in Green Chemistry Conference – AGChem 2022

26 September 2022 09:00 - 30 September 2022 15:00, Poznan, Poland

Third edition of AGChem enters a completely new scientific level, providing the opportunity to both present the results of research and establish new cooperation on the international chemical arena. The conference is a place where young scientists from Europe, conducting fundamental research, as well as those who implement already developed technologies will have a chance to meet. AGChem 2022 combines the complementary essence of modern science: basic research, application searching, technology development, and the implementation of new solutions. All this will be possible thanks to the use of modern conference solutions and tools, including Collaboration Speed Dating, Continuous Virtual Poster Session combined with the possibility of meeting at specially prepared virtual poster stands. The use of a conference application facilitates the exchange of information between participants. We take the idea of green chemistry seriously, which is why we use interactive tools, giving up the traditional printed poster session, conventional abstract books or paper advertising materials. AGChem 2022 is also an opportunity to present and meet solutions promoted by European startups. The event StartUpExpo is an opportunity to show off the conference participants' own companies as well as find the positions of startups that operate as part of green chemistry solutions.

Unlike previous editions, the third edition of our conference spreads its wings and broadens the scope of scientific topics, going beyond ionic liquids and including areas in which these compounds are successfully applied. AGChem 2022 consists of 5 thematic sessions (Ionic Liquids, Materials, Catalysis, Agrochemistry and Electrochemistry), during which invited speakers and conference participants will present. Each of the thematic sessions is divided into two sub-sessions, depending on the degree of development or the direction of research (Technology Readiness Level, TRLs).
Poznan Science and Technology Park

Poznan Science and Technology Park, ul. Rubiez 46, Poznan, 61-612, Poland

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