European Glycoscience Webinar Series

27 January 2022 15:00 - 15 December 2022, United Kingdom

A series of free-to-attend Webinars to highlight the innovative and ground breaking glycoscience research in Europe and Globally. This is part of the EGC's long-term vision in establishing a European-wide glycoscience research network with strong links with leading scientists from around the world. The Webinar series is open to all international scientists and will provide a platform for young and established researchers to network, share ideas, and build long-term partnerships to drive glycoscience innovation.

There are two webinars a month, focused on a research theme of glycoanalytics, glycobiology or glycochemistry. The events feature two speakers giving 30-minute presentations with plenty of time for discussions and networking. For the 2022 webinar schedule, event registration, and to express an interest in taking part in the series please use the schedule link on this page.
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RSC Carbohydrate Interest Group 
Americal Chemical Society Carbohydrate Division

United Kingdom

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European Glycoscience Community 
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