Practical Essentials of Headspace (HS)

21 April 2022 09:00-12:30, United Kingdom

This live, instructor-led online training course teaches how to use Headspace (HS) as an automated sample preparation technique for GC & GC-MS in great detail.

The course explains the theory behind Headspace (HS), how to modify samples to improve results, how to create HS methods, analyse samples and the parameters which can be optimised.

This course will cover static and dynamic headspace.

Delegates will learn the individual steps and processes of analysis and the various parameters that can be optimised to improve method robustness and sensitivity.

The course also teaches how to maintain each technique on an instrument, along with the maintenance and troubleshooting problems commonly encountered.

Delegates will learn the tips & tricks of the technique and the benefits of using Headspace in the analysis of their samples.

The training is universal, applicable to all makes and models of instrumentation.

This course is taught live in a virtual classroom and offers a fully interactive experience, with instrument parts and consumables to see. Delegates can ask live questions; either by using their microphone or by typing into the chat box.

Duration: 3.25 hours.
Scheduled course price: £225 + VAT per delegate.

Royal Society of Chemistry members receive a discount of 15% for this course (membership number required).

This course is module 5 of the Practical Essentials of Sample Preperation courses covering 8 individual sample preparation techniques.
Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom, United Kingdom

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