4th Training School 'Mechanochemical Synthesis and Kinetics'

13 June 2022 09:00 - 16 June 2022 13:00, Cagliari, Italy

Annouced lectures:
  • Ana Belenguer (UK) - Steady-states in mechanochemical transformations;
  • Elena Boldyreva (Russia) - Mechanochemistry: Retrospect, challenges, prospects;
  • Duncan Browne (UK) - Examples of metal-catalysed cross-coupling processes under ball-milling conditions;
  • Evelina Colacino (France) - Mechanochemical synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients;
  • Francesco Delogu (Italy) - Bridging the gap between the global and local kinetics of mechanochemical transformations;
  • Michael Felderhoff (Germany) - Mechanically activated solid-gas reactions;
  • Felipe Garcia (Spain) - Main group mechanochemistry: Synthesis of compounds and materials;
  • Koji Kubota (Japan) - Mechanochemical synthesis of Grignard reagents and other related organometallics;
  • Andrea Porcheddu (Italy) - Rearrangements in mechanochemistry: a matching puzzle game;
  • Pier Carlo Ricci (Italy) - Optical properties of mechanochemical reactions: From single impacts to continuous monitoring.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Event endorsed by the European Chemical Society (EuChemS)
University of Cagliari

Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche, University of Cagliari , Cittadella Universitaria, Cagliari, 09042, Italy

Organised by
COST Action CA18112 'Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry' (www.mechsustind.eu)
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