A webinar 'Hydrogen - planning for industry decarbonisation in the Humber Cluster'

31 May 2022 18:30-19:30, United Kingdom

A webinar on the role of Hydrogen to decarbonise the UK’s industrial sector on Monday 31st May at 6.30pm.

Whilst batteries may be the zero-carbon solution for passenger and light commercial vehicles, and heat pumps and insulation a low carbon answer for the space heating how can our heavy industries such as power generation, chemicals, steel and glass decarbonise?
The industries ‘clustered’ around the Humber are the UK’s highest concentration of greenhouse gas generators, accounting for 7.5% of all the UK’s CO2 emissions.  The Humber Cluster is now actively planning a set of integrated solutions based around the production, distribution and use of hydrogen to decarbonise many of the various industry sectors in the area, as well as to supply smaller industries and even some domestic users.

This webinar will be presented by Jonathan Oxley, the Cluster Planning Manager, Geraint Evans Chief Technologist on the Cluster Plan Project and a representative from Arup on key aspects of the integrated design.

United Kingdom

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Marketing Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry
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