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Chocolate tasting

9 June 2022 19:30-21:00, Birchington, United Kingdom

The Spanish ‘discovered’ chocolate when they encountered the Maya and the Aztecs. The ‘food of the gods’ was soon brought back to Europe and has been with us ever since. Chocolate is highly calorific with a long shelf life making it ideal for lifeboats, military rations, and Antarctic expeditions Like Shackleton’s ill-fated adventure. It produces a unique sensation as it melts in our mouth and flows to the flavour receptors while cooling the tongue. Yet its non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and tendency to bloom are the stuff of a chocolatier’s nightmare. Climate change may yet rob us of this culinary delight. Come and find out more about the history and science of this fascinating topic in a talk on 'The History and Chemistry of Chocolate' by Vanessa Bird…..but remember chemistry is a practical subject and what better way to finish the evening than to sample some chocolate from one of Kent’s premier artisan chocolate manufacturers. From conching and refining their own chocolate to sending these chocolate coated gingers into space, Artisan du Chocolat has broken the mould and redefined modern luxury British chocolates since 1999

Artisan is committed to quality and innovation and their atelier in Ashford, Kent mixes traditional craftsmanship with technical advances – see their website at for more information
Registration is essential and to ensure you receive your chocolate samples, register with Dave Alker at being sure to include the address to which you wish the chocolate sent no later than Tuesday 31st May
Virtual event

Virtual event, 19 Shakespeare Road, Birchington, CT7 9ET, United Kingdom

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