Process Chemistry: Some Acknowledged Demonstrations

26 July 2022 14:00-15:00, United Kingdom

Undoubtedly, the process chemistry forms a vital part in drug discovery protocol. The discovery route is fraught with many difficulties, the first and foremost being the scalability factor. The process chemistry involves usage of simple raw materials, non-hazardous reagents, minimum solvent, simple isolation/purification techniques but more importantly, produces quality product, consistency and cost effective. 
During the last few decades, one can perceive that many new approaches to make process chemistry much simpler. For instance, continuous flow process rather than conventional  batch process, non-hazardous reagents, advance purification methods, new modifications in  reactor design than proto-type to enhance yields, green chemistry to reduce waste/by-products, microwave reactors to increase the rate of reactions, mechanosynthesis using ball milling, solid state chemistry for peptide synthesis are some of the advance techniques appearing in process chemistry.  In addition, the new catalysis and reagents provide unprecedented selectivity and specificity, which enabled process chemist to design simple and straightforward synthetic routes.
These attributes form the basic promise of the presentation.

United Kingdom

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