Guest Evening at Johnson Matthey

23 September 2022 18:30-22:00, Reading, United Kingdom

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Join us for our highly popular annual social event at Johnson Matthey's Sonning Common site. The evening will kick off with drinks at 6.30pm, followed by dinner at 7.00pm and finish with a fascinating talk by Professor Bob Rastall .....

Should I avoid the additives?
A few minutes with the internet will convince you that you should. There are numerous websites advising you of the lethality of the additives that the food industry is using to wilfully and systematically poison us. The legislative bodies however are relaxed about E numbers and don’t really see what all the fuss is about. Should you avoid them, just to be on the safe side? Bob will investigate...

Bob has a BSc and PhD from the University of Greenwich and undertook postdoctoral research at the University of Westminster before joining the University of Reading. As Professor of Food Biotechnology, Bob has been teaching at the university for 29 years (although it feels longer) and currently teaches Food Chemistry at undergraduate and postgraduate level. His research is focussed on the manufacture of novel carbohydrates targeting gut and immune health and the use of biotechnology to valorise food processing wastes.

Important information:
- The event is open to RSC members and their guests.
​- There is small charge for the event of £15.00 per person - payment will be required to fully secure your place.

To book: please use the booking form to register for this event.

On the day: please come straight to the Restaurant.
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Johnson Matthey, Sonning Common
Johnson Matthey

Restaurant, Johnson Matthey, Blounts Court Road, Sonning Common, Reading, RG4 9NH, United Kingdom

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