6th TYC Energy Materials workshop

14 December 2022 09:00 - 16 December 2022 17:00, London, United Kingdom

Developing an efficient and sustainable energy technology remains one of the key global challenges, but this requires advances in the understanding of energy materials. Materials modelling can provide atomic-scale insights, but applying these techniques to realistic in-operando interfaces is challenging. In this workshop, we bring together leading theorists and experimentalists to discuss the current state-of-the-art in modelling interfaces and outline future directions guided by experimental and technological needs. 
The workshop is organized by the Thomas Young Centre and will take place from December 14-16, 2022 at the Wellcome Collection in London. It will feature sessions on the structure and stability of interfaces, the modelling of electrified interfaces, chemical reactions at interfaces, electronic excitations at interfaces and energy conversion with layered materials.
Wellcome Collection

Lecture theatre 1, Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE, United Kingdom

Organised by
Martijn Zwijnenburg (University College London)
Karen Stoneham (University College London)
Alexander Shluger (University College London)
Clotilde Cucinotta (Imperial College London)
Johannes Lischner (Imperial College London)
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