Biopartitioning & Purification Conference (BPP 2022)

25 September 2022 17:00 - 28 September 2022 19:00, Aveiro, Portugal

BPP2022 is organized by members from the University of Aveiro and Instituto Superior Técnico who have been actively engaged in the past years in improving the field of bioseparation.

The BPP conference was originally created to address aqueous two-phase partitioning, but starting in 2013, in the BPP2003 in Vancouver, the scope of the conference has been widened to include other bioseparation techniques.

BPP is nowadays a broader conference of interest to both academia and industry members working on the separation of high-value bioproducts, with focus on technical aspects, new bioproducts development, technoeconomic analysis, life cycle assessment, regulatory aspects, among others.

Current topics relevant to the BPP conference series include:
  • Separation of bioproducts
  • Aqueous two-phase systems and other liquid-liquid extraction techniques
  • Novel chromatographic methods, membranes and ligands
  • Precipitation, crystallization and flocculation
  • Hybrid separation processes
  • Other emerging and disruptive separation technologies
  • Molecular and thermodynamic aspects on the separation of bioproducts
  • Process integration and continuous production
  • High-throughput screening and automation
  • Artificial intelligence and neural networks to select operating conditions
  • Regulatory aspects on bioproducts
  • Technoeconomic analysis and life cycle assessment
  • Bioproducts engineering to enhance bioprocessing

Invited speakers

Cristiana Boi - DICAM, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna
"Membranes in biomanufacturing – A truly enabling technology"

Jim Van Alstine - Founder and Principal Scientist at JMVA Biotech
"What I Learned From 45 Years of BPP Meetings"

João F. Mano - Department of Chemistry, CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro
"Interfacial processing of biomaterials"

Robin D. Rogers - Research Professor at The University of Alabama and President, Owner, and Founder of 525 Solutions, Inc.
"Old and New Uses of Aqueous Biphasic Partitioning You Likely Don’t Know About: Radiopharmaceutical Generators to Biomass Processing"

Sophia Hober - Head of the Division of Protein Technolohy, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
"Mild Purification of Biologicals – From a Novel Affinity Molecule to Continuous Pilot Scale Purification"
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Meliã Ria Hotel

Meliã Ria Hotel, Cais da Fonte Nova, Lote 5, Aveiro, 3810-200, Portugal

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