Stem Cells - Building Bone in the Lab

7 March 2023 19:00-20:00, United Kingdom

We are still looking for the ultimate bone implant that will mean a patient never needs to return to the orthopaedic clinic and that she/he will regain normal function and experience improved quality of life. We are using a patient’s own stem cells, natural and synthetic materials, including clay, together with techniques such as 3D printing to help make bone structures that match a patient’s bone defect. We have developed approaches harnessing gels to include the stem cells that make bone, which allows bone to be formed in the 3D structure when presented with the right signals. This exciting approach, bone regenerative medicine, offers a step change in our ability to make and repair bone, urgently needed for an increasing ageing population.
Richard Oreffo is Professor of Musculoskeletal Science, co-founder of the Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells & Regeneration at the University of Southampton and founder / CSO of Renovos Biologics Limited.  He has held positions in USA, AstraZeneca, and University of Oxford before being appointed to a lectureship at the University of Southampton. Richard leads a multidisciplinary research group focused on developing strategies to repair bone & cartilage with translation through to patient benefit a personal key driver.
He has developed teams of clinicians and biomedical scientists transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries with a holistic approach to generate clinical impact. Richard has trained over 50 MD and PhD interdisciplinary scientists since 2002, published widely and holds 7 patents. 
Richard is passionate about inclusion and diversity and in June 2020, founded The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation, a partnership with universities, business and donors to enable 100 disadvantaged Black British students attend UK universities in the next decade. 
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