RSC Desktop Seminar with Dalton Transactions

10 November 2022 15:00-16:00, United Kingdom

Welcome to the latest RSC Desktop Seminar hosted by Dalton Transactions.

This free 1 hour seminar, chaired by Dalton Transactions Editorial Board Chair, Professor Russell Morris (University of St Andrews, UK), will focus on metal-organic framework (MOF) chemistry and feature two research talks from members of the journal's Editorial and Advisory Boards:
  • Professor Sascha Ott (Uppsala University, Sweden); Editorial Board member
  • Dr Ilich Ibarra (UNAM, Mexico); Advisory Board member
A panel discussion led by Professor Morris will follow the research talks, allowing researchers of all professional levels to connect, share ideas, and ask questions.


15:00 GMT - Introduction by Professor Russell Morris

15:05 GMT - "Electron hopping charge transport and molecular electrocatalysis in metal-organic frameworks  - Professor Sascha Ott

15:25 GMT - "Chemically stable supramolecular candidates for the capture of SO2 and H2S: from the oxidation of SO2 to the unusual formation of polysulfides" - Dr Ilich Ibarra

15:45 GMT - Panel discussion


United Kingdom

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