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December Early Career Academics Seminar on Protein and Peptide Science

2 December 2022 13:00-14:00, United Kingdom

The early career academics presenting in the December iteration of the Peptide and Protein Science Online Series will be Dr Rachael Dickman from University College London and Dr Will Brittain from Durham University.
Date: 02-12-2022
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
Venue: an online Zoom lecture
Free to attend, all welcome
Rachael Dickman – University College London
Synthesis and medicinal chemistry of (multi)cyclic peptides
Abstract: Our work focusses on (multi)cyclic peptides with therapeutic potential. Predominantly we study antimicrobial peptides of bacterial origin, seeking to identify and characterise putative peptides, apply medicinal chemistry strategies to optimise peptide physiochemical properties, and elucidate peptide mechanism of action. We have a particular interest in developing synthetic routes towards peptides containing non-natural amino acids, including thioether bridges and dehydro residues. We also have interests in developing peptide therapeutics for neuroregeneration, with applications in brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

Will Brittain – Durham University
Developing New Modes of Conjugation for Amino Acid Synthesis and Peptide Modification
Abstract: Many small molecule metal ligands have been developed to conduct transition-metal catalysed asymmetric transformations. Despite the vast increase in enantioselective reactions since the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Knowles, Noyori and Sharpless for their pioneering work in the area, the number of catalytic systems which are applicable to green reaction conditions remains limited. Being able to attach well established metal ligands to peptide or peptidomimetic backbones offers an avenue to exploit these reaction manifolds under non-traditional conditions.
This presentation will detail our preliminary studies into the development of new conjugation approaches to generate novel amino acids and modify peptide/peptidomimetic architectures with metal binding motifs. It will explore the new synthetic methodology we have developed to access new amino-pyridines for submonomer synthesis of peptoids as well as tagging/stapling approaches and end terminal modifications of peptides. A broad overview of the Brittain group will also be presented and touch on some of the synthetic methodology we have developed to access peptide bonds.
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