"ITW Fluids Europe - an Insight into Industrial Products Technology"

18 January 2023 14:00-16:00, Leeds , United Kingdom

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ITW Fluids Europe are a group of specialist industrial chemical companies, producing industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, maintenance aerosols, paints, cleaning products and wipes.
This introduction, lecture and tour will be ideal for students or early-career researchers who are interested in industrial chemistry. The event will consist of a 1 hour technical lecture and 1 hour site tour.
The lecture will:
Provide industrial context by briefly introducing the key technologies and industries of ITW Fluids Europe
Using examples and case studies, explain the multi-disciplinary nature of industrial chemistry and how this can add value to customers.
Discuss the opportunities and challenges for specialist chemical formulators - Especially the drive towards sustainability, regulatory trends, and the evolution of customer demands 
The tour will cover ROCOL’s specialist R&D labs and their production facility, which are on the same site in Swillington, Leeds.
Throughout the event, there will be opportunity for Q&A with people in a variety of roles with industrial chemistry and opportunity to learn about different potential career paths.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
ROCOL a part of ITW Fluids Europe

ROCOL a part of ITW Fluids Europe , ROCOL House, Wakefield Rd, Swillington, Leeds , LS26 8BS, United Kingdom

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