Marketing chemistry futures - Investing in chemistry-based start-ups from innovation to commercialisation

15 March 2023 17:00-18:30

A webinar to explore the journey of chemistry-based innovations from start-ups to products sold in the market with 3 Innovation Companies describing their examples with the support of the SETsquared organisation, a university-based partnership enterprise which is a global business incubator and accelerator that helps start-ups and innovation businesses in the UK access financing, investors and entrepreneurs.

Webinar Agenda
  1. RSC Introduction, Organisation, Webinar Objectives, & Schedule 
  2. SETsquared Organisation, Role, & Track Record
  3. Innovation Companies - Product & Forward Business Planning by Quantum Solutions, Plastic-i, & Renovos
  4. Open Q&As Session
  5. Round-up & Thanks
  • This webinar is open to all parties interested in how chemistry-based innovations can be screened then set up set up for future business commercialisation
  • This webinar meeting will be recorded
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