SMTG interest group Webinar - Heterogeneity in active matter

18 January 2023 16:00-17:30

Living matter, such as biological tissue, can be viewed as a nonequilibrium hierarchical assembly, where at each scale self-driven components come together by consuming energy in order to form increasingly complex structures. The remarkable properties of living or ‘‘active-matter’’ systems, as they are generally known, such as versatility, self-healing, and self-replicating, have prompted the following questions: (1) do we understand the biology and biophysics that give rise to these properties? (2) can we achieve similar functionality with synthetic active materials? In this talk, I will focus on two classes of systems that remain surprisingly unexplored: active matter in fluids with finite inertia and multi-component active colloidal mixtures. I will present our recent results showing novel emerging phase behavior and discuss their impact in materials and technology applications.

This is a free webinar, but requires registration. 
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