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GECOM-CONCOORD 2012, Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

3 - 8 June 2012, Métabief (Doubs), France

This annual conference was born in 1993 from the merger of the group "Dialogue in Coordination Chemistry (CONCOORD)" and "Study Group in Organometallic Chemistry (GECOM)" and aims to focus on the latest advances developed in different areas of coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry.
This event is voluntary outside the city in order to facilitate scientific exchange between direct young researchers (PhD students, postdocs) and more experienced researchers.
Azureva Holiday Centre

Azureva Holiday Centre, 15, rue de la Rançonnière, Métabief (Doubs), 25370, France

Organised by
Institute of Molecular Chemistry, University of Burgundy, Dijon (UMR CNRS-ICMUB 5260) and the Institute of Universe, Transport, Interfaces, Nanostructures, Atmosphere, Environment and Molecules at University of Franche-Comté, Besançon (UMR-CNRS UTINAM 6213)
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