Why Does My Reaction Fail? Functional Group Effects in Nickel Catalysis

28 November 2023 14:00-15:00

This will be a 1 hr Zoom webinar that will be recorded.
Nickel catalysis offers considerable potential in a number of areas of synthetic chemistry; nickel might replace palladium in some reactions, but offers exciting new reactivity as well. However, the functional group tolerance of nickel catalysis is not necessarily the same as palladium catalysis, and various functional groups have undesired consequences and effects during catalytic reactions. We have examined the mechanisms by which some functional groups have unanticipated effects on catalysis. This presentation will examine selected examples of such functional groups, including: (i) aldehydes and ketones, which coordinate reversibly to nickel(0) complexes; (ii) 2-pyridyl halides, which generate dinuclear nickel(II) off-cycle complexes; and (iii) the by-products of pre-catalyst activation which can influence the reactivity of nickel(0) complexes in the reaction medium.
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