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Short Course on Ion Mobility Spectrometry

19 August 2023 09:00 - 20 August 2023 17:00, Maastricht, Netherlands

This 2-day course is suitable for graduate students and post-docs developing and using IMS or IMS-MS, principal investigators with development or application projects involving IMS and IMS-MS, program managers funding projects for IMS or IMS-MS and wish to understand the technology and knowledge gaps and engineers, research and application scientists developing and working with IMS or IMS-MS systems. 

The course covers the different types of IMS and IMS-MS systems, ionization sources and their respective chemistry, collision theory and measuring ion mobility, as well as the history and operation principles and their applications. Finally, the course will finish with a master class topic which is Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS).

The short course instructors are Fanny Caroline Liu (Florida State University), Maggie Tam (Canada Border Services Agency), Alexander Haack (University of Waterloo) and Brian H. Clowers (Washington State University).
Crowne Plaza Maastricht

Crowne Plaza Maastricht , Ruiterij 1, Maastricht, 6221 EW, Netherlands

Organised by
André Ahrens, Maarten Honing, Chris Prüfert, Helen Schott, Maggie Tam, Izabela Wolańska
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