QC chemistry crash course

27 March 2023 09:00-17:00, United Kingdom

A refresher course in Chemistry, applied to the QC Laboratory environment, for pharmaceutical professionals and trainee QPs who haven’t studied Chemistry beyond GCSE level. Designed as a preface to QP Analysis and Testing course. Chemistry is essential to life, and especially to professional life in the pharmaceutical industry. A basic level of understanding is often taken for granted, leaving those without a background in the subject struggling to keep up, or suffering in silence. The course focuses on those aspects of an A-Level Chemistry syllabus that are most relevant to QC Analysis and Testing and places them in an industry context. The content is intentionally pitched at an elementary level, and is designed as a primer for the QP qualification, and more generally for those who interact with QC activities while wishing they could remember some college Chemistry. The day is designed to explain some vital concepts, demystify common terminology, and provide candidates with a basic toolkit of knowledge to hold their own in the QC environment.

SPECIAL OFFER - If you attend this course, you will receive a discount of £350 off the QP Analysis and Testing training course.

United Kingdom

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