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Garage to Global- An Entrepreneur's story

15 June 2023 18:30-20:30, London, United Kingdom

Dr Kotecha founded his pharmaceuticals business from a home garage in the 1990s through an entrepreneur’s dream of ‘making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world’. 
Since inception in 1991 his company has supplied quality medicines to more than 120 countries internationally, as well as become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of generic and branded medicines to UK pharmacies and hospitals.
He is also the Founder and Chair of Trustees of the Randal Charitable Foundation, which has a mission to directly save and significantly improve lives, with an aspirations to save over 1 million lives in the UK and globally. 
Dr Kotecha carried out his further education in Newcastle, where he earned a First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry. He then went on to do a PhD at Imperial College under the supervision of Professor Steve Ley FRS on the total synthesis of the Ionophore antibiotic CP-61,405 (Routiennocin) and then further doctorate work at the University of Cambridge. 

The presentation will focus on Dr Kotecha’s academic journey and how his experiences of post-graduate education equipped him with the tools and knowledge to embark on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey, fuelled by a passion for innovation, Research & Development and continuous improvement. A journey that would lead to the growth of his home garage start-up into an global pharmaceuticals business, which has made its name by supplying quality medicines to lower-middle income countries via international Aid organisations, as well as supplying the NHS twice daily in the UK.   
His story is underpinned by an inner drive to ‘give back’ through philanthropy, and has led to the creation of his charitable foundation, which has so far directly saved over 150,000 lives in the UK and globally. This drive comes from Dr Kotecha’s humble beginnings, having arrived in the UK as a child refugee, and has now become the next chapter of his inspirational story.
Royal Society of Chemistry

Library Suite, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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