NERAD Analytical Science Lunchtime Webinar, Dr Robert Bradshaw

28 April 2023 12:00-13:00

Join us on Zoom for an Analytical Science Lunchtime Webinar, the first of a series of talks on analytical science to be hosted by NERAD around the north east region.
This talk will overview Dr Robert Bradshaw’s research in the area of MALDI and DESI mass spectrometry imaging (MSI). He will cover his two key areas of research; forensic and environmental analysis. His research journey began with the determination of molecular composition of fingermarks which has the ability to provide invaluable information in forensic investigations. His more recent applications within forensics are based on product label analysis for the determination of counterfeit products, such as whisky. Finally, he will discuss his work within food/environmental science, specifically determining the extent of plastic contamination onto food products.     

Registration is not necessary, as you can access the webinar by clicking on the 'further information' link to the right of this post at the time of the event.

The meeting will open from 12:00 on Friday 28th April, and a recording will be made available on the RSC YouTube channel.
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