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The 27th International Symposium for Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE 27)

11 - 14 June 2023, Quebec City, Canada

The 27th International Symposium for Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE 27) will take place in Québec City, Québec in Canada on June 11-14, 2023. The scientific theme for ISCRE 27 is "Chemical Reaction Engineering for Sustainable Development.”

Meeting the world's demands for energy, food, water, and medicine – in a sustainable way, while protecting the environment – requires development of new technologies and advanced materials. The theme of this symposium aims to capture the essential role that chemical reaction engineering plays in addressing these challenges.

Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRE) is the discipline that quantifies the interactions of transport phenomena and kinetics in relating reactor performance to operating conditions and feed variables. This quantification requires a thorough understanding of the nanoscale (molecular level of scrutiny), micro- to mesoscale (transport and kinetic events at a particle level), and macroscale (reactor design in the context of process and plant design). CRE develops general principles useful in approaching a variety of systems (chemical, biochemical, biological, materials, environmental, electrochemical, etc.) where engineering of reactions is needed.

ISCRE 27 is being organized by an international cross-section of leaders in the field of CRE from industry and academia, and will feature more than 200 oral and poster presentations highlighting key advances and opportunities in CRE. More information on invited lecturers and key technical themes of the conference are available on the Conference Details page. If you are interested in submitting an abstract for consideration, the abstract submission page can be found here along with the abstract template and instructions. Select papers from the ISCRE 27 conference will be published in a special issue of Chemical Engineering Journal. For any questions about the technical program, the special issue, or the meeting scope, please contact the organizers at

ISCRE 27 will be held at the Hilton Québec in downtown Québec City. The Hilton is in the heart of the city within walking distance to many dining and nightlife locations and city landmarks. Conference attendees will enjoy an interactive environment to exchange the latest developments in chemical reaction engineering while early summer weather. Travel information for Québec City and Hilton hotel accommodation details may be found here. Conference registration will open on February 13, 2023 after accepted presenters are notified.
Hilton Québec

Hilton Québec, 1100, boul. René-Lévesque Est, Quebec City, G1R 4P3, Canada

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