Chemist in Industry

15 November 2023, Oxford, United Kingdom

Following the success of the Young chemist in industry event, we are launching a sister award and meeting for a Chemist in Industry. Solving chemistry problems is central to so many industries and it is the people in the laboratories who are making this happen. This is a meeting to celebrate and recognise that community.                    

This one-day meeting will be of interest to chemists working in different chemical industries (e.g. pharmaceutical, catalysis, agrochemical). Particularly laboratory-based scientists or technical experts (for example, computational chemists) with several years' industry experience. Perhaps you are in a second or third role in industry. It presents a superb opportunity for chemists to showcase the relevance of chemistry to industrial research. It will also provide an opportunity for attendees to develop their CV with presentation and networking skills opportunities. Prizes will be awarded for the best talk and runners-up.
Vertex pharmaceuticals

Vertex pharmaceuticals, 86-88 Jubilee Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 4RW, United Kingdom

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