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Guided Tour of Oxford Botanic Gardens

17 June 2023 14:30-16:30, Oxford, United Kingdom

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We provide a guided tour followed by light refreshments! Places are limited so please book and provide payment (£10) early. Guests of RSC members are welcomed. 

Please let us know all special access and dietary requirements. Bring an umbrella if rain is likely. The Botanic Garden was founded in 1621, the oldest botanic garden in Britain, and is in our view one of the most beautiful displays of chemicals and chemistry on planet Earth.

Details for payment are provided on the booking form. Ensure that your booking reference matches the reference entered on the booking form. For any queries please contact 

We look forward to seeing you there!
Oxford Botanic Garden

Oxford Botanic Garden, Rose Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AZ, United Kingdom

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