Materials, Methods & Technologies 2023, 25th International Conference

17 - 20 August 2023, Burgas, Bulgaria

The 25th International Conference on Materials, Methods & Technologies is set to take place from 17-20 August 2023 in Burgas, Bulgaria. This event is organized in collaboration with the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the Science & Education Foundation, Bulgaria, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, and the Institute of Hydrometeorology at the Georgian Technical University, Georgia.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:
  • Nanomaterials and nanocomposites
  • Advanced materials processing
  • Metallurgy and material science
  • Glass, ceramics, and adhesives
  • Rubber, plastics, textiles, and leather
  • Cellulose, paper, and packaging
  • Optical electronics and laser equipment
  • Membranes and membrane science
  • Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Energy & nuclear sciences
  • Alternative energy sources for reducing the dependence on fossil fuels
  • Biofuels
These topics highlight the conference's focus on the intersection of chemistry, materials science, and related disciplines.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their work through oral presentations, poster presentations, and online presentations. All papers, regardless of the presentation type, will be published in a relevant journal of International Scientific Publications. Each paper is peer-reviewed by two anonymous, independent reviewers. The official language of the conference is English.

The participation fee for the conference is 300 € for standard participation, with special rates for participants in last year’s conference and PhD students under 30 years of age. The fee includes the opportunity to present a paper, publish a paper in the relevant journal, a certificate for participation, admission to all sessions of the conference, and a printed copy of the conference program.
Hotel Bulgaria

Hotel Bulgaria, Aleksandrovska 21 Str., Burgas, 8000, Bulgaria

Organised by
Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
Science & Education Foundation, Bulgaria
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan
Institute of Hydrometeorology, Georgian Technical University, Georgia
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