Solar2Chem Conference - Photo(electro)catalysis for Solar Fuels Production

18 September 2023 16:00 - 22 September 2023 14:00, Tarragona, Spain

This conference is organized by early-stage researchers (ESRs) from the Solar2Chem European Project and it is meant to bring together other ESRs around the topic of "Sunlight to Fuels: Uniting Science and Environmental Responsibility". Renowned experts from academia, industry, and policy will explore the topics of photo(electro)catalysis, solar fuels, and materials for energy conversion.
Apart from the impressive lineup of international speakers, a 50-min roundtable will discuss the importance of Clusters/Networks/Hubs in the development of a future Solar Chemicals and Fuels Industry. It is also an opportunity to promote and share the lessons learned by the existing Clusters and the work currently developed in the EU to seek leadership in the research of solar-driven chemistry.

We'll have a hands-on activity to discuss the Social, Technological, Scientific, and Political challenges faced by the Solar2Chem market. Using a quadruple-helix approach, with this hands-on activity, we aim to understand the complex value chain of the technologies studied chemicals in SOLAR2CHEM.

Participants are encouraged to present their research through oral presentations or posters. In our commitment to sustainability, any remaining conference funds will be dedicated to offsetting the carbon emissions associated with flights, food, and other activities.


Early registration deadline: 30th June 2023
Abstracts submission deadline (oral): 31st July 2023
Abstracts submission deadline (poster): 30th August 2023
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
ICIQ – Institut Català d'Investigació Química

ICIQ – Institut Català d'Investigació Química, vda. Països Catalans, 16 , Tarragona, 43007 , Spain

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