International school in photo and biocatalysis

2 June 2024 16:00 - 7 June 2024 15:00, Padova, Italy

PHOTOCAT24 is an international high education school for PhD students, post-docs and young researchers working in the field of sustainable chemistry such as photochemistry and biocatalysis, both in academia and industry. In addition, PHOTOCAT24 aims to facilitate interaction between academia and industry by creating a European high education network on sustainable chemistry. In fact, PHOTOCAT24 will be the first of a series of biennial travelling editions in the locations of the members of the scientific committee (the undersigned, Padua, Italy; Shoubik Das - University of Antwerp, Belgium; Rene Königs - RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Bartholomeus Pieber - Wien University, Austria; Marcos Garcia Suero - ICIQ, Spain; Olalla Vazquez - Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany). This school is in line with the EU Sustainable Development Goals and the UN 2030 Agenda.
Aim: PHOTOCAT24 will shorten the distance between academia and industry by training a new generation of researchers in the field of green chemistry, which makes use of sustainable sources such as sunlight and biocatalysts. This, combined with the international dimension and the biennial cadence will give further impetus to the sustainable growth of the regional chemical system with ultimate impact also at national and European level.
Furthermore, the European network that will be established will lead to the development of collaborative projects and the mobility of the young researchers involved.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
University of Padova, Department of Chemical Sciences

University of Padova, Department of Chemical Sciences, Via Marzolo 1, Padova, Padova, 35131, Italy

Organised by
Luca Dell'Amico
Sara Cuadros
Daniele Mazzarella
Giulio Goti
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