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International Conference on Energy Materials and Rechargeable Batteries

19 December 2023 09:00 - 22 December 2023 14:00, Faridabad, India

In order to meet the futuristics challenges of energy demands, development of materials/devices related to energy generation and storage are essence of time. To overcome these challenges researchers from various background are exploring the possibily of designing/optimizing materials for energy solution.  Scientific community is also working towards developing advanced characterisation tools that can help to address the phenomena in such materials/devices. Considering these requirements, it is realise that these efforts should be explored at one platform so that a wide scientific community may be benefitted by getting upto date knowledge of current progress in this direction.
Therefore, the aim of conference is to provide a platform for researchers of wider community working in the fields of energy materials, energy devices, rechargeable batteries, synchrotron radiation  and theory  for sharing their views/ideas. This will help to the young researchers for making a strategy that can produce eco-friendly & environment-friendly devices/materials apart from competing the existing energy solution. Thus will ultimately lead a clean energy solution to next generation.
Considering, the factors mentioned above, theme of the conference is focussed on “Energy and rechargeable”. Researchers working in all aspects of following research area are invited to contribute in the conference.   
  • Materials for Energy
  • Fuel cell, capacitors, solar  devices and other energy devices
  • Advancement with rechargeable batteries
  • Synchrotron radiation for energy materials and devices
  • Computational methods for energy related research
  • Environmental Aspects of energy and battery materials
  • Other relevant research area 
Manav Rachna University Faridabad India

Manav Rachna University Faridabad India, Department of Sciences (Physics), Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, 121004, India

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