WASE - Waste Water Treatment to Power Capture

20 September 2023 16:30-18:00, United Kingdom

WASE develop accelerating wastewater and organic waste treatment technologies, unlocking the power of low strength waste streams to produce energy- rich biogas. WASE specialise in the decentralised treatment of organic waste from food to sewage, converting it into sustainable energy,clean water and fertilisers. WASE's modular solutions use a bio-electrochemical process accelerating the breakdown of organics converting them into methane. Modularity offers facile scalability allowing WASE to provide circular waste management for industry. The webinar will be presented by Dr Thomas Fudge, CEO and Founder, and Kyle Bowman, the Senior Chemical Engineer, who will cover the Company's innovative electromethanogenic technology, the state of their science-based development, and progress in scale-up. The webinar will also give an overview of their target markets and the industries currently being served. A questions and answers session will follow their presentation.
1. Participant Introductions (TF)
2. Technology Discovery, Description and Development Process (KB)
3. Scale-up and Equipment Set-up (KB/TF)
4. Market Uses (TF)
5. Forward Development Plan (TF/KB)
6. Questions and Answers (All)

United Kingdom

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