Bridging the Gap – The Use of Measurement Information to Advance Environmental Policy

8 September 2023 10:00-16:00

Measurement plays a crucial role in science, especially when it comes to shaping environmental policies. However, a significant gap exists between policymakers and scientists, hindering effective communication and the exchange of information. This event, focused primarily on air and water monitoring, aims to address this gap and foster closer cooperation between policymakers and researchers.  

This event will provide a space for civil servants and researchers to discuss what information do policymakers need to inform environmental policy and how can current and developing technologies best be used to provide it. We will look at how what counts as “good enough” evidence changes with other factors to help identify where we can best use measurement science to deliver evidence in a variety of circumstances.  

This is a topic broad in scope which brings together themes from across a environmental health science. We hope the meeting will foster collaborations across the science-policy interface and identify areas of mutual interest/pinch points/topical which we will be able to focus on in depth in the future.  

The hybrid meeting will include speakers from DEFRA, Fiona Regan – Dublin City University and Stephen Loiselle – University of Sienna/Earthwatch Europe.

Expected discussion topics will focus on and around the following themes: 

Use of evidence and prioritisation: 
What do policymakers want from environmental measurement information and how do they use it?  

Resource optimisation: 
When is it the best use of resources to have few, robust lab-based measurements compared to widespread deployment of sensor technologies?  

Decision making pathways: 
How can we incorporate new technologies and information into existing decision-making pathways?  
Information sharing: 
When is local information needed compared to when can information from regional or other comparable settings be used to encourage policy action? How can we make best use of existing data.  

Community Citizen Science: 
Is there a role for community citizen science in information gathering? How can we use data gathered and ensure it is valuable and relevant? 

As spaces are limited, we encourage early registration to ensure your participation. 
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