North South Lecture - Scaling Up Environmental Analytics for 'One Health'

4 September 2023 17:30-19:00, Belfast, United Kingdom

This event is by invitation only

A talk by Dr Leon Barron of Imperial College London as part of the 2023 North South Lecture organised by ROI & N Ireland Local Sections.
Room BC-03-123
Ulster University, York Street, Belfast, BT15 1ED
Please contact Dr Svetlana Tretiakova for more details

Chemicals extend, improve and enrich our health, wellbeing and life experiences
With over 350,000 chemicals licenced for manufacture and sale globally however, understanding their impacts on our environment is not well understood.
Pollution now represents the third greatest planetary crisis together with climate change and biodiversity loss. ‘One Health’ is an approach to protect, balance and optimise the health of humans, animals and ecosystems.
This talk outlines how chemicals occur and move in our urban water cycle from the wastewater we generate. These same chemicals can contaminate our drinking water.
We will look at analytical techniques that have underpinned this discovery and provide potential solutions to this issue. Critically discussed to ensure that we balance the environmental impacts of chemicals and their immense benefit to society.
Dr Leon Barron, FRSC, FCSFS, FHEA is a Reader in Analytical and Environmental Sciences at Imperial College London within the School of Public Health
Ulster University

BC-03-123, Ulster University, York Street, Belfast, BT15 1ED, United Kingdom

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Nothern Ireland Local Section
Republic of Ireland Local Section
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