February 2024 Early Career Academics Seminar on Protein and Peptide Science

2 February 2024 13:00-14:00, United Kingdom

The early career academics presenting in this seminar will be Dr Lucia Lombardi from Imperial College London and Dr Amanda Jarvis from Edinburgh University.
Dr Amanda Jarvis – Edinburgh University
Title: Catalysis with metallopeptides: using unnatural amino acids for metal binding

Abstract: The Jarvis group studies the use of metallopeptide and artificial enzymes as catalysts for new-to-nature reactions.1 In this talk I will highlight our work in both these areas focusing on how we have used BpyAla, a bipyridine based unnatural amino acid, to introduce Cu-binding sites into both cyclic peptides2 and proteins.3
1. A. G. Jarvis, Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol. 2020, 58, 63-71.
2. R. C. Brewster at al. Royal Soc. Open Sci., 2021, 8, 211098.
3. E. Klemencic et al. ChemRxiv 2023 10.26434/chemrxiv-2023-9f4xc-v2
Dr Lucia Lombardi – Imperial College London
Title: Bioengineering Frontiers: Innovations in Peptide-Based Therapeutics and Beyond

Abstract: Lucia's research bridges the domains of organic and biological chemistry, converging with bioengineering. Despite the diverse array of research lines explored, peptides emerge as the unifying thread, spanning from design and synthesis to their pivotal role in constructing nanosystems for diverse applications. This seminar offers a comprehensive overview of her diverse research projects, emphasising biomaterials against biofilms and strategies for navigating drug delivery challenges across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB).
Biofilms, pervasive in various environments, pose substantial threats, particularly in the context of medical devices and implants, leading to severe health implications. Lucia's presentation will highlight the potential of peptide-based materials in eradicating and preventing biofilm formation. Furthermore, the discussion will explore innovative strategies for overcoming hurdles in drug delivery, with a specific emphasis on the intricate dynamics of the blood-brain barrier. This focus is especially relevant given the well-known challenges associated with delivering drugs targeting neurological disorders across the BBB.

Seminars are hosted on the first Friday of each month. For details of future seminars in the series, please visit the RSC PPSG website 
If you would like to present in future seminars, please contact one of the organisers.
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