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SolGel 2024 International Conference

1 - 6 September 2024, Berlin, Germany

This conference deals with a lot of differents topics in chemistry, applied science and nanomaterials. 
Here the exact list of topics that will be discussed : 
  • Chemistry and fundamentals of the sol-gel process
  • Organic-inorganic hybrid materials
  • Nano- and micro-structured materials
  • Porous materials and hierarchical structured materials
  • Bio and bioinspired materials
  • Protective functional coatings and thin films
  • Characterization and modelling techniques for sol-gel materials
  • Sol-Gel materials for (photo-)catalysis and membranes
  • Sol-Gel materials for energy and environmental applications
  • Sol-Gel materials for health and medical applications
  • Sol-Gel materials for electronic, magnetic and ferroelectric applications
  • Sol-Gel materials for sensors, optic, photonic and optoelectronic applications
  • Industrialization of sol-gel science and technology
  • AI and Chemistry of Materials
  • New biosourced Materials
  • Sol-gel in the context of climate change
  • 4D printing
Langenbeck Virchow Haus

Langenbeck Virchow Haus, Luisenstraße 58/59, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Berlin, 10117, Germany

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Our specialization in the organization of scientific conferences is not the result of any chance but rather the testimony of a deep admiration for the work of this community. Our mission is not only to manage your project but to save you time in planning the conference so that you can devote yourself fully to the scientific program.

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