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Development of a large-scale photoredox fluorodecarboxylation of aliphatic carboxylic acids

30 April 2024 14:00-15:00, United Kingdom

In the past 10-15 years, visible-light photoredox catalysis has become part of the mainstream synthetic toolbox in organic synthesis and its implementation for industrial-scale manufacturing process is an emerging area of research. In this webinar, we present the development activities of a photoredox fluorodecarboxylation of carboxylic acids, from micro-scale photo high-throughput experimentation (photo-HTE) through to kilo-scale implementation using continuous flow technology. Our flavin-catalyzed fluorodecarboxylation process has been demonstrated on 1.5 kg-scale under continuous flow for 4.5 h at 100 mL/min, achieving an excellent yield of 92% (1.23 kg), equating to 6.56 kg/day throughput.

United Kingdom

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Alan Steven
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