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Webinar: Sugars, natural products and harmful algal blooms on the Norfolk Broads

16 January 2024 19:00-20:00, United Kingdom

Recurring incidents of toxic blooms on the Norfolk Broads are associated with the golden algae Prymnesium parvum. This marine microorganism persists in the brackish waters of the coastal Broads, causing havoc when cell numbers get out of control, due to their toxicity to fish. We have embarked on collaborative work between scientists and the angling community in order to understand what causes the explosion of Prymnesium cell numbers, to identify the molecular basis of bloom toxicity, and to develop early warning and mitigation strategies to off-set potential impact on angling, tourism and wildlife more broadly.

Our latest findings include the discovery of a previously unreported strain of virus that specifically infects Prymnesium parvum and causes cell rupture. We believe that this is the mechanism by which toxin is released from the algae and in the context of waterways and algal bloom management highlights the need for surveillance of algal virus and not just algae per se. Unexpectedly, there are parallels between how the Prymnesium is infected by virus and the infection of airway epithelia by influenza viruses, the carbohydrate-mediated molecular basis of which will be presented. 
On-Line Webinar

On-Line Webinar, United Kingdom

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