Webinar: Neutron Reflectometry applied to Biosurfactants, Dr John Webster

21 February 2024 19:00-20:00

Neutron Reflectometry (NR) is a technique uniquely suited to the determination of the surface excess of individual surfactant molecules arising from multi component mixtures. This is particularly true above the bulk critical micelle concentration. By employing deuteration techniques the role of a single component in a complex mixture can be highlighted.

Biosurfactants are of interest in areas as diverse as bioremediation, oil recovery, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. They exhibit antimicrobial properties, reduced toxicity and allergenicity in addition to being biodegradable. The versatility of biosurfactants together with their eco-friendly nature can offer green and sustainable solutions to complex challenges in various fields.

In this talk I hope to show the utility of the NR technique in characterising the surface behaviour of selected biosurfactants.
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