Shifting your mindset programme

19 March 2024 13:00 - 20 March 2024 17:00, United Kingdom

Those from poorer backgrounds face more structural, social and financial barriers to overcome if they desire to improve their lives by taking advantages of opportunities to advance their education or apply for jobs that traditionally were not open to them.

The objective of the "Shifting your mindset" programme is to provide tools to help those from poorer backgrounds to be able to speak confidently, project credibility and to cultivate a can­ do mindset so they move from thinking, ‘I can't" to, "why not!"  The tools will be developed using the direct experience of those from disadvantaged backgrounds so that it is relevant and targeted.  The programme is open to chemistry undergraduates, PHD students, postgraduates and those starting out in their careers in the chemical sciences.

The Management Interest Group has engaged Winston Brown, a continuous improvement consultant and executive coach who will guide the participants through the programme. The workshops will be held on the afternoon of 19 and 20 March 2024 and will be delivered via zoom. The duration of each workshop is 3 hours.

United Kingdom

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Mr Brown is an executive coach who is also from a lower socioeconomic immigrant background who through education achieved success. He has applied the Kaizen approach to help others to understand why they think the way they do and how to change their mindset despite the societal challenges which they face. Mr Brown who has recently published a book called Kaizen for Personal Development where he has adapted the Japanese process of continuous improvement, will use his experience to develop a self­affirming tool to help those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who plan to work in the chemical sciences.
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