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RSC interest group JPAG symposium: Paediatric Medicines: New and innovative Development Approaches

16 May 2024 09:00-15:50, London, United Kingdom

Development of paediatric formulations is linked to many challenges related to safety, efficacy, acceptability and patient adherence. The latter is a major challenge often dismissed in studies that particularly focus on the safety and efficacy of medicines. In addition, adherence can vary depending on the formulation and route of administration e.g. oral, parenteral, inhalation, etc…
This symposium focuses on integrated approaches across academia and industry to address challenges in the development, safety and efficacy of paediatric formulations and may include the key themes below:
- Safety of excipients in paediatric formulations
- Age appropriate formulations
- Challenges in paediatric drug delivery and clinical trials
- Advances in oral paediatric medicines (e.g. 3D printed tablets, Alder Hey teddy bear tabs, minitabs)
- Novel drug delivery devices
- Formulation development and characterisation of paediatric formulations
- Analysis of yet smaller levels of analytes and impurities
- Taste assessment of formulation: acceptability versus safety
- Invitro testing using robotic devices
- Inhalation devices for paediatrics
The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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