NMR Training For Rapid Food Testing

4 March 2024 09:00 - 8 March 2024 16:30, Nairobi, Kenya

NMR spectroscopy can be applied to analyse the chemical composition of food items, including the identification and quantification of various components. Here is a general overview of how NMR can be used for food authenticity testing, along with some key considerations for sampling analysis. Overview and introduction to NMR, How to Utilize a high-resolution NMR spectrometer, NMR Instrumentation and Calibration the instrument for accuracy, Choice of the appropriate NMR probe (solid/liquid). How to obtain representative samples from various sources, Sample Collection and How to Ensure an adequate sample size? Sample preservation and how to store samples to prevent degradation. Sample Preparation and Homogenization, How to Select the appropriate NMR experiments. Data acquisition. Process NMR data through Fourier transformation, baseline correction, and phasing.nterpret NMR spectra to identify and quantify compounds
Compare acquired data to reference spectra and databases.
Apply statistical analysis and multivariate methods for authenticity assessment.

University of Nairobi

Laboratory , University of Nairobi , P. O. Box 4963, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya

Organised by
Chrom Africa Instrumenation Services Limited - Nairobi 
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