Prof. Tom Welton: “Ionic Liquids: solvents for sustainable chemistry”

16 April 2024 16:00-17:30, Southampton , United Kingdom

After his very successful Presidential lecture to us in September 2022 we are pleased to have Professor Tom Welton (Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, Imperial College London) returning to us to give us a talk on his specialist subject “Ionic Liquids: solvents for sustainable chemistry”:
“Ionic liquids are liquids composed entirely of ions. In recent decades that have emerged from a sleepy academic backwater to be a major field of research. They are currently used in several industrial processes and they have been the focus of a great deal of attention for their ability to process otherwise intractable biopolymers. In this lecture, I will introduce you to ionic liquids, tell you about how that can affect the outcome of chemical processes and talk about their use to process wood.”
This lecture will be held on Tuesday 16th  April in room 27:2003 (Lecture Theatre 2) of the Chemistry building at Southampton University starting at 4pm with refreshments available at 5pm.
University of Southampton

27:2003 (Lecture Theatre 2) , University of Southampton, B30, Chemistry Building, Highfield , Southampton , SO17 1BE, United Kingdom

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