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Analytical Science in the Kitchen

27 June 2024 12:00-18:00, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Arrival from 12:00 pm
12:30 pm - Welcome: John R Dean, RSC/AD North East Region

Confirmed speakers include: 
Simon Hird (Waters Corp) - “Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) – forever in the kitchen at parties!“
Danny Allwood (BMRC, Sheffield Hallam University) - "Chemistry of Brewing" - including samples!
Veronika Tibljas (BMRC, Sheffield Hallam Univerisity) - "Mass Spectrometry and Spectroscopic Detection of Counterfeits and Forgeries"
Abraham Badjona (NCEFE, Sheffield Hallam University) - "Pulses for health and environment: Fava bean processing, molecular identification and analysis"
Olivia Doolan (BMRC, Sheffield Hallam University) - "Creation of a 3D Cell Atlas of a Germinating Barley Grain Using Micro-CT and LA-ICP-MS"

The conference will conclude with a buffet, drinks and networking. (6:00 pm end)
Sheffield Hallam University

Hallam View , Sheffield Hallam University , Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, United Kingdom

Organised by
RSC Analytical Division in the North East of England (RSC NERAD)
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