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III BASF-ICIQ Awards in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

15 April 2024 09:00 - 31 May 2024 14:00, Tarragona, Spain

BASF Group and Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ-CERCA) are thrilled to announce the third edition of BASF ICIQ Awards in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This established competition, with a total prize fund of €9,000, aims to recognize and celebrate outstanding innovations and disruptive entrepreneurs in the field of chemistry in Spain and Portugal, in three different categories.

First, Best Doctoral Thesis Award (€2,500). Recognizing exceptional doctoral theses in applied sciences or industry challenges within the field of chemistry. Eligibility includes a public defence in a Spanish or Portuguese university within the last three years and the publication of at least one article in a recognized scientific journal derived from the thesis.

Secondly, Best Patent Award (€2,500) will honour noteworthy scientific and technological advancements demonstrating knowledge transfer activities, patented on the Iberian Peninsula. Eligibility requires patents focused within a defined technological scope, published, and filed within the 10 last years (for OPIs and universities) or in the last 5 years (for company patents).

Last, Entrepreneurship Award (€4,000) recognizing the trajectory and effort of young individuals and companies with great potential within the field of chemistry. Eligibility criteria include companies constituted as for-profit legal entities within the peninsula, initiation of activities in the last 5 years, and qualification as small or medium-sized enterprises.
Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia - ICIQ

ICIQ's Auditorium, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia - ICIQ, Av. Països Catalans, 16, Tarragona, 43007, Spain

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